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About Us

Midji Rovetta, Founder 

Midji brings over ten years of general accounting experience, combined with twenty years of experience in international business operations with an emphasis on business relocation, office set up and business operations management, and client services.  She facilitates and coordinates various seminars and other business events, dealing with government agencies, human resources management, with an additional seven years of general accounting experience. She is also experienced with fund raising coordination and execution. Follow her at LinkedIn's Answer.

Midji is the founder of A Virtual Management back in 2009 and is the current Director of the organization. 

Midji has a Master’s in Accounting and Financial Management, a Bachelor’s in Architecture and experience with a wide-array of accounting software and the Microsoft Office business system. Midji is fluent in English and Indonesian.  

Midji is also a member of several local social networking clubs or organization, such as Mission San Jose Rotary Club, Union city Chamber of Commerce, and was the President of the local Union City Toastmasters club for 2010-2011, during her leadership the club has earned President Distinguish Award 2010-2011, achieving 10 out of 10 club goals. 

Our Team

We have a reliable and excellent team that have always delivered the services that accurate and meets deadlines.

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Client's Testimonial:
" In the last four years during my tenure in the United States as CEO I have had the great privilege of working with Midji Rovetta.   Midji single handedly set up our US based office operations in San Francisco, she managed and administered Human Resources and had full accounting responsibilities. I found Midji completely trustworthy, reliable and professional. I particularly liked her ability to think on her feet, to “get things done, and be proactive. She developed a good relationship with our German Accounting Office and other outside consultants in the US, both paramount responsibilities in her daily business.  Furthermore, she was a pleasure to work with from day to day, was a great addition to our team and had full respect from all her coworkers.  I highly recommend Midji as your Accounting and Business Operations Manager either on-site or remotely..." Guido Polko , former CEO and President of Younicos Inc. and Living-e Inc